'Louis Cube' Parquetry

Quentin Smith shows how to make this most effective of parquetry patterns.

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Select three well-contrasting shades of veneer. Cut carefully into strips using spacers on the cutting board. Keep the spacers - they will be needed again!

Stick some masking tape to the underside of a metal straight edge and stick the veneer strips onto the tape. Keep the strips close together - the ruler will keep them straight.

Lay the strip assembly at exactly 60° (here using a guide on the cutting board) and using the same spacers as before cut off strips of diamonds.

photograph photograph photograph

Pleasing designs can be made by assembling the strips of diamonds, but we have bigger plans!

Define three grain directions for the three colours at "9, 11 and 1 o'clock"

Stick some more tape to the underside of the straight edge and start assembling the pattern. Make sure the grain on every diamond runs the correct way for its own colour.

Half-diamonds will be needed to complete the edges, but these can be achieved by making the whole design over-size and then trimming down.

For extra effect add some extra detail - here a queen bee and larvae based on an original design by Kit Williams.

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