This guide is based on a booklet written by Quentin Smith in 1995, to accompany the Group's first training course. Successive members of the Group have been kind in their praise for it.

It may be reproduced by non-profit-making bodies for the purpose of furthering knowledge of marquetry. It may not be reproduced by any means, in part or in full, for commercial purposes without the written permission of the author.

© Quentin Smith, 1995, 1999 & 2001

Advanced Techniques


French Polishing Marquetry

Zoltan Vargay from Hungary describes his polishing technique.


An Unusual Photograph Frame

Quentin Smith describes a simple method for making an unusual and unique gift.


Hidden Joins

Quentin Smith shows how to make almost invisible cross-grain joints.


Repolishing Marquetry

Quentin Smith rejuvenates one of his older pieces.


Depicting Stonework

A useful technique for bricks and walls with Quentin Smith



A pictorial guide to 'Painting with Wood' with Brian Freeman


Making "One Spirit"

John Jeggo describes the techniques and veneers used in making his Rosebowl-winning picture


Shading Veneers

Quentin Smith reviews this traditional method and some modern variations


The Taylor Technique

Bill Faulkner describes a novel method for producing realistic leaves on trees in marquetry pictures


Louis Cube Parquetry

A pictorial guide to this most effective of parquetry patterns with Quentin Smith

Marquetry Courses

The Group's founder, Quentin Smith, is a free-lance marquetarian who tutors courses in marquetry, parquetry and marquetry jewellery-making at colleges around the UK. For details of up-coming courses and in-person or on-line tuition please see Quentin's "QJS Marquetry" website

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